I am a sensual tantric GFE located in the Milwaukee area.  If your looking for someone in the art of tantric sensual healing, then you came to the right place.

My name is Alexis, a classy provider based in Wisconsin. I am a tantric sensual GFE, a healer by nature, My natural abilities as a healer include energetic body healing. I have been captivating men my whole adult life and have been a provider since 2008. I pride myself on my looks and my body as a mature provider. 

Self love is my motto. So, with me you get experience, looks, great conversation and a woman who knows what she likes. I am also college educated so I am someone who you can hold a intellectual conversation with or bring on date. I have the class and intelligence of a mature woman with the looks and body of a hot 30 some year old (so I have been told over and over). I really am the whole package. 

My captivating smile longing ocean blue eyes and my sensual nature will pull you in over and over again! Classic beauty complimented by a lovely disposition is a few of many of my attributes. Resembling real life romance bursting with pleasure. A seductress in nature. 

Follow me on snap chat at alexiscream0911 and Instagram at alexis.cream for current location travel dates and lots of fun teasers!

Name: Alexis Cream
Sex: Female
Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual
Body Type: Curvy
Measurements: 36D-32-38
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 159 lbs
Race/Ethnic: White
Age: 45
Availability: Incalls
1st Language: English
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond and Brunette
Hair Type: wavy or straight
Hair Length: Mid-Back
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: No
Grooming: Bald
Tattoos?: Many
Smokes?: No
Porn Star?: No
Likes: Check out my amazon wish list
Dislikes: Rude entitled people. Just be kind!
Accept Credit Cards: No but I do accept cash app
Available to: Men


I only accept new client appointments via my screening form. Once you have filled out my screening and you have a question about my availability please use my contact form. I'm available the MKE area now regularly. 

not services.

Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Sundays 10am-8pm Incalls Incall close to the Brookfield, WI area


Snap Chat VIP members-special regular discounts

Because I appreciate the respectful guys in this hobby, and you are a minority in the hobby, I have decided to give you a discount and special access nobody else gets. 

Follow me on snap chat and be pre screened or prove you saw me within the last 6 months by sending me a message however we have set appointments up before and be put in my my snap chat vip story (where I give special content) and recieve my snap chat VIP discount. alexiscream0911


I reserve the right to pull anyone off my VIP snap chat who starts to become disrespectful in anyway. repeated cancellations and time wasters. example...constant discussions in between appointments without setting anything up. Someone who schedules a hour and asks for less time at their appointment. My time is valuable and I need to know how much time your booking for at time of booking. 


All donations are for my time only. Please do not ask about sexual acts for money. 


Rate Session Service Details
$220 USD 1hr Incalls FBSM
$300 USD 90min Incalls FBSM
$400 USD 1hr Incalls F/S
$350 USD 1hr Incalls F/S vip
$550 USD 90min Incalls F/S
$500 USD 90min Incalls F/Svip
$700 USD 2hrs Incalls F/S
$650 USD 2hrs Incalls F/Svip
$1300 USD 4hrs Incalls F/S
$1200 USD 4hrs Incalls F/S vip



 I do not accept text messages or emails anymore for new clients. All new clients must go to my screening form to be screened. If you have a quick question about my availability you can use my contact form. 


If you are experienced, you can scroll through the topics and read what you want to, just skip to my screening form.


If you're kind of new, please read this page completely before filling out the screening form

You'll learn how to protect yourself, make wise investments, and how to open doors with more selective providers.


First, I'm going to tell you how you can tell I am a safe and wise investment, then I will explain how I'll know you are safe, too. 


These sites are well-known sites that can be used for finding a provider, checking reviews and/or screening:

Screening and reviews

PD-Private Delights

Find a provider

Formerly Room Service

It doesn't really matter where you found her just make sure she has active ads and reviews out there. 

TER and PD are two of the best review sites.  This is important. Many review sites and and boards are not reputable. P411 is the oldest and most reputable site to find providers. It has been around for the longest. Meaning they have weathered through many storms and they are still standing. My rule of thumb is if P411 will let a provider put up a review link from a site, its legit. TER is highly reputable and P411 will endorse their reviews. 

When you click on TER links above, you'll go to my page of reviews.  From there you can read the reviews, or click on the reviewer to see if he has written many reviews or just a few, which can indicate his level of expertise.  You can also see if he gives average, below, or above average scores by looking at the other reviews the ladies have.  To verify that the reviews are legit, on TER ladies can "whitelist" the reviewer.  You'll find whitelistings at the bottom of the reviewers page of reviews.  On PD ladies reply to the reviews to confirm they are real.  Ladies who have at least 10-20 good reviews from reviewers who have written several reviews for other ladies should be pretty safe to see. Note if you see a review about a lady who has pages of good reviews and you see the reviewer reviewed a girl that only has a few reviews its a clear red flag.

You CAN'T ask about lewd or sexual acts.  That's a big no-no.  By doing your research, you won't need to. 

TER has a search feature so you can enter important criteria like city, age of provider, hair color, review parameters, etc. to find the right providers for you. 

Many clients think that "Eros Verified" means that providers are legit.  No, it doesn't mean that.  If the provider is "verified" on Eros, that means the provider sent in a selfie with a sign that says EROS and the date and they look like the person in the photos.  Which is great thing to know, but it doesn't mean they are good providers or even that they are providers at all, really.  It doesn't mean the person in the photo is the person you will see.  ALWAYS CHECK REVIEWS.

Perferred 411

P411 is the best screening site.  The clients and providers with the best reputations will be found here.  But it costs money, I think about 180 per year. 

I think you need to have at least two referrals from verified providers to become a member.  All providers have at least 2 verified reviews from verified reviewers.  But sometimes their sign up requirements change. 

If any lady has a complaint about bad behavior, like charging more than what's advertised or not looking like her photos, she won't be allowed on the site.  Likewise, if a gentleman doesn't pay as agreed, is a no show too many times, etc. he also won't be allowed.  So that's why the clients and providers are preferred.

* I have no age or racial preferences!  

Some newbies make the mistake of thinking that because they are good-looking, I should want to see them, or maybe they think I won't want to see them if they aren't.  Let me assure you that what I find attractive in a man is reliability, respectability, and good hygiene.  I have no age or racial preferences (except I won't see 18-20 year olds, must be 21 or over).  I LOVE my clients, and this will be obvious to you.  Of course my reviews reflect this, too.  But I'm picky about who I see.  It's because I am very selective that I love my job so much.  

 Common newbie mistakes:


-Over communicating between appointments.  Really only setting up the appointment details should be discussed before or between meetings.  Everything else should be during a face to face conversation. 

-Haggling over rates. (I will NEVER agree to pay that lower amount)!

-Not respecting boundaries (having to be told "no" about ANYTHING more than once.  This includes during the screening and booking process).

-Arriving late (more than 15 minutes).

-Staying too long after time is up.  It's okay to chat while you're getting ready, but stay focused on getting ready. 

-Trying to keep the meeting going after the time is up. 

-Canceling late or not showing up at all.

Less common:

-Poor hygiene.

-Disrespectful or rough conduct.


*Don't work the lady hard for every minute!  That's not respectful.  I love to have fun, but when it becomes selfish, it's not fun anymore.  Most meetings are equal parts physical and emotional gratification, like a real date, if you know what I mean.  

If I interpret any of your behavior as disrespectful or threatening, I will end the session and keep the money.

If you want to try something you've seen that could be interpreted as rough or disrespectful, you NEED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT THAT (face to face, not during screening and booking).  Try saying, "Is it okay if I ...."?  Followed by, "Please let me know if anything is ever too much".  You'll let me know that you know the difference between normal and beyond normal  and that you don't presume I will allow beyond normal activities.  .  

This doesn't mean we can't have a lively time together either.  I'm talking about activities that most people would consider putting a stop to.  

Notice that I put this under "less common".  By far, most of my clients, both experienced and brand new, don't need this advice at all.

How should you start?:

-Never mention anything illegal or sexual.

As soon as you do that I will tell you you have to go someplace else.

-*Complete my screening form.

I probably receive 10 requests for every 1 person I meet with.  I don't waste much time during the screening and booking process.  If you are somebody I want to meet, will you just keep in mind that you're a big minority, and try to understand why I'm so matter-of-fact during this part of it?

If you'd like to be among the top 10 % with me and other providers:






     What's up


     I want to see you

I normally don't even reply to messages like that.  Be mature and tell me or the provider the following without being prompted:

-Your name. 

-Which city you want to meet in (Many travel and need this clarification).

-What you want (nothing sexual). 

-Which day/s and time/s you want to meet

-How long of a session you want.

-If you have references from other providers.

Example: Hi Alexis,  This is Bob Smith.  I saw your ad on TER and I'd like to know if we can meet for lunch plus 2 hours when you're in Milwaukee.  Almost any weekday will work for me.  I have references if you need them.

Usually when someone doesn't specifically say, they want an in call meeting.  Pretty much everything else should be discussed face to face.  I have learned that serious clients tend to do these things. EVEN THE NEWBIES.  Red flags result in no meeting.  


Please complete the screening form form when you're ready.

I accept the following for screening:

1.  A p411 account (my favorite).  

2.  2 or more whitelistings on TER.  

3.  2 or more verified reviews on PD (Private Delights).  

4.  Provide me with a reference from other providers/models.  Give me the names of and contact information for models you've seen before.  They must have 20 reviews or more somewhere or one year and/or 10 okays or more on p411.  I can check that for you.

5.  If you don't have a reference, you'll need to:

-Completely read this page. 

-Send a copy of your ID.

-Send a selfie with something specific on it (instructions later). or I can do an employment verification for you instead.

-I will only be able to see you at my in call location.


Please be sure to shower before you come and wear deodarant. I will ask that you wash up again in the important places. I supply soap, disposable adult wash clothes, and disinfectant wipes for your hands. 


I promise I will always be fresh from the shower. 


I hope my website has helped you have a better understanding of how things work.   Now that TER is back, please take advantage of their many discussion boards to learn more, inclulding a newbie's board, a legal board, local boards, meet and greets around the country, a humor board, a senior board, and more. 


If you are a newbie, and we are not a good match at this time, please don't take it personally.   Instead of just ignoring newbies, I'm trying  to explain how things work. I hope you will try to learn from my website, begin to verify models by reading reviews, have fun safely, and come back to see me once you have gained some experience and references. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my etiquette and screening page.  If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

My favorite kind of man is experienced in the hobby, polite, and respectful! 



Please be advised that there are fake reviews out there on all providers for various reasons. Make sure to do your homework. Look at reviews from the past and present and make decision based on that. Remember if a companion has great reviews for years. And you see one here and there that seem off compared to the rest of them its a good chance someone is just trying to retaliate. This is more common then what you think. 

Do your homework


Heres a good way to check reviews. Go to her first page of reviews look at a couple there. Then go to a page in the middle and check a couple there. Then go to her last page and check a couple there. This should give you a accurate picture of this companion. NEVER assume a companion provides an activity during a session because you saw it on a review. People give fake reviews and companions may choose to stop providing that activity at some point. TER is a good place to become a member as you can see what a companion provides. 

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